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Links to Wikis

Here are links to wiki entries. Please visit other groups’ sites and, for next week, make additions or editing changes to at least three other groups sites.



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Weblogs for This Week and Next

We have been concentrating on the wiki assignment recently, and less on the weblogs. For this week and next, please write one weblog entry each week.

This week’s entry: Briefly write about the experience of putting together your group’s wiki. Consider things such as how your group decided what to do, how the group interacted (face-to-face or online) whether using a wiki (rather than some other tool) affected what you produced, and so forth. Other reflections on the process are also useful.

Next week’s entry: Write about the experience of editing some other group’s wiki and of having people from outside your group edit your wiki. When people edited your wiki, did you feel like their contributions helped? Or did you feel like they were violating your territory? Were contributions positive or negative? When you edited other groups’ wikis, how did you decide which to edit? Were you trying to help them out, or were you messing with what they had put together? And other thoughts about the process are useful here.

Remember, now that your group has put together a wiki and made it available for editing by anyone, each person should be visiting other group’s wikis and making editing changes on at least three sites.

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Wiki Project: Final Steps

Over the past few weeks, you have been working in groups to create wikis, group-authored websites. Remember that, in the time leading up to this assignment, we were talking in class about community and about open source and collaborative production. As we discussed in class, as you worked on this assignment I wanted you to think as much about the process of working on this group project as on the final product.

As you have worked on your wikis, you have generally collaborated with small groups of people and have had face-to-face discussions about what you want to do with your wikis. This makes your wikis different from Wikipedia and other wikis whose participants may not even know one another except online.

In order for us to experience a bit of the openness of wiki collaboration, I want each of the wiki groups to set their wikis to allow people outside your group to post to the wiki. In Wetpaint, go to settings; who can contribute and set your wiki either so that anyone who has a Wetpaint account can contribute. or (if you are feeling very adventurous) so that anyone can contribute, even anonymously.

Be sure that you have left a link to your wiki at this entry. Then I want each person in class to browse through other groups’ wikis and try editing their sites.

We will discuss this more in class. Again, the important thing for us with this project is the process…


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Wikipedia Controversy Over Editor’s Fake Credentials

There is something of a controversy about Wikipedia in the news now, and I thought it would be worth drawing your attention to it:

  • From BBC News: “Fake professor in Wikipedia storm”.  BBC reports “Internet site Wikipedia has been hit by controversy after the disclosure that a prominent editor had assumed a false identity complete with fake PhD.” Apparently the contributor, who had been described last summer by The New Yorker, a prominent news magazine, as a “tenured professor of religion,” was actually a 24-year-old college student “who used texts such as Catholicism for Dummies to help him work.” More details on the controversy are available in Wikipedia’s entry on “Essjay Controversy” The discussion at Wikipedia about the entry is also interesting.

Take a few minutes to browse through some of the information linked above, and follow some of the links to other information available at those entries. Does the controversy suggest anything to you about the value of Wikipedia as an information resource? Why or why not?

Happy Women’s Day, and enjoy your breaks. We will meet again on Monday 19 March (when your final project proposals will be due).

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