Final Steps; Weblog Entry for Week Ending 27 April

As we move toward the end of the term, here is what remains to be done:

  • Weblog entries (continuing until the end of the term)
  • Presentations (be sure you know your presentation date)
  • Final Projects (due no later than class time Monday 23 April)
  • Weblog/Third Mini-Project Assignment (due 27 April to substitute for third mini-project; see below for more information)

A reminder about your weblog assignment for this week (i.e. April 13); one brief entry due related in some way to surveillance or surveillance society.

For two weeks from now (due April 27) the Weblog/Third Mini-Project assignment is as follows:

Write medium length entry (approximately four or five paragraphs) addressing something related to any of the key concepts we have addressed in the course (networks, community, collaborative production and so on). This entry (which substitutes for the third mini project listed in the course outline) must draw on some required course material and on some other reading or examples. We will discuss this further in class.

Please speak with me if you have any questions about assignments.


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