Final Presentation Schedule

On Friday we set our preliminary schedule for end of term presentations. (If you are not on this schedule and expect to do a presentation (or if there is an error here) please let me know right away.

Remember presentations should be no more than 20 minutes each. (If you are working alone or in a group of two, aim for 15 minutes.) We will discuss presentations further over the next few weeks. Please ask me if you have any questions!

All course participants are required to attend all presentations for their section. (There will be weblog assignments related to the presentations.)

The schedule for final presentations is as follows:

Section One (noon to 12:50)

Wednesday 25 April

  • Tatyana, Margarita, Olga, Anel (Distance Learning)

Friday 27 April

  • Oxana, Irina, Ainur, Natasha (New Technology Products)
  • Kamilla, Anastasiya, Alexandra (Weblogs, Websites and NITs)

Monday 30 April

  • Katya, Aidar, Katya (Digital Photog/Ethics of NITs)
  • Natalia, Nica (NITs and Citizen Journalism)

Wednesday 2 May

  • Ruslan and Temir (Computer Games)
  • Aibek (Wireless Technologies)

Section Two (1 to 1:50)

Wednesday 18 April

  • Anar, Raniya, Kamilla, Aizhan (Distance Education)
  • Diana, Murat, Dina (Online Dating)

Monday 23 April

  • Ji-Aee, Raushan, Zhanna (Magazines Online and Off)
  • Elina, Maxim (Information in One Click)

Wednesday 25 April

  • Margarita, Aktoty (TBA)
  • Gaukhar (Distance Education)

Friday 27 April

  • Rano, Ainur, Aigerim (Advertising)
  • Elmira, Elvina (Wireless Technology)

Monday 30 April

  • Diana, Irina (Usage of NITs at KIMEP)

Wednesday 2 May

  • Ruslan, Temir (Computer Games)

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