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On Monday I spoke with groups about their final projects. I know we ran out of time for some groups, so if you have not spoken to me about your project please make sure you do so. And all groups should plan to discuss their projects further with me as their work progresses.

Today I will return formal proposal evaluations to you. Be sure to read them closely as some will contain things we may not have discussed face-to-face. If you have any questions, please let me know.

As you proceed with your projects, remember:

  • Be sure to focus on issues related to New Information Technologies throughout the project;
  • This is a research project, which means you must use and cite documented sources for your project. Interviews and surveys can be part of this research, but you must also use published resources;
  • You should be working on your project now, not putting them off for later;
  • When you have questions, ask me.

Presentations will be scheduled in the last week or two of the term. All members of each group must participate in delivering the presentation. Everyone must be in class for all presentations.


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