Weblogs for This Week and Next

We have been concentrating on the wiki assignment recently, and less on the weblogs. For this week and next, please write one weblog entry each week.

This week’s entry: Briefly write about the experience of putting together your group’s wiki. Consider things such as how your group decided what to do, how the group interacted (face-to-face or online) whether using a wiki (rather than some other tool) affected what you produced, and so forth. Other reflections on the process are also useful.

Next week’s entry: Write about the experience of editing some other group’s wiki and of having people from outside your group edit your wiki. When people edited your wiki, did you feel like their contributions helped? Or did you feel like they were violating your territory? Were contributions positive or negative? When you edited other groups’ wikis, how did you decide which to edit? Were you trying to help them out, or were you messing with what they had put together? And other thoughts about the process are useful here.

Remember, now that your group has put together a wiki and made it available for editing by anyone, each person should be visiting other group’s wikis and making editing changes on at least three sites.


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