Final Proposal Guidelines

Due to the newly-announced holiday, our Friday 8 March deadline is now moved to Monday 19 March. However, I suggest you submit the proposal as early as possible in order to get feedback sooner. You will need to have done a bit of research in order to produce the proposal.

The proposal should be about two or three pages double-spaced. The format is as follows:

  1. Proposed Title
  2. Names of Group Members
  3. Topic: A brief statement (approximately one or two paragraphs) that tells the specific topic of your project. This should answer the question, “What will your project be about?”
  4. Product: What will your final product be? A weblog, website, wiki, news article, standard academic paper…?
  5. Who will manage what part of the final product? For example, if you break up your project into topic areas, each student might take one area. (“Our project will be about computer operating systems. One student will look at Macintosh, one at Windows, one at Linux.”)
  6. Research you have done so far: What have you discovered so far about your topic?
  7. Questions/Things you need to discover: What more do you need to find out in order to do the project?

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