Final Project Groups

You should be able to provide the names of your group members for your final project today.

The original due date for project proposals was Friday 9 March. Because of the newly-announced holiday, I will allow you to extend this until Monday 19 March if you wish. However, it would be better to hand it in earlier so that I can give you feedback earlier. I will post a format for the proposal by Monday 5 March.

Please post the names of your group members for the final project (not the wiki) in a comment here.



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17 responses to “Final Project Groups

  1. Nica

    Kossachyova Nica & Khvan Natali.

  2. Tatyana Nabokova

    Olga Ryazhakova,Margarita Olyarchuk,Anel Sharipova,Tatyana Nabokova-“Online education in KIMEP”

  3. Ji-Aee

    Team members for section #2: Zhanna Vdovina, Kim Ji-Aee, Raushan Djarylgapova, Elvina Bulatova.
    Topic: Online Magazines.

  4. Chsherbak Katya

    Group for final project:
    Stepanova Katya 20031421
    Baisalbayev Aidar 20041770
    Chsherbak Katya 20040606

  5. Chsherbak Katya

    topic: transformation of ethical norms and standards with development of new information technologies.

  6. Group:
    Ruslan Sarsembayev & Temir Syzdykov

  7. Ainura

    Our team:
    Beisenbayeva Ainura 20062387

    Itakhunova Reno 20050748

    Shayakhmetova Aigerim 20051569

    Topic of Final project:
    Connection of NIT and AD

  8. Elvina Bulatova(section #2). I do not belong to group Ji-Aee
    Elmira Sarbalina( section #1)
    Our topic: Wireless system

  9. Our group:
    Elvina Bulatova( section #2, I do not belong to group Ji-Aee)
    Elmira Sarbalina( section #1)
    Our topic: Wireless system

  10. Gaukhar

    I decided to write a final project on my own, because I do not like to work in groups, especially if not every member of the group is really interested in a task. My topic is “NITs and Quality of Studying”. I am planning to publish this article in KIMEP times late April/May issue.

  11. THE GROUP:
    Murat Tlepov 20030149
    Dina Khamitova 20050751
    Diana Mamedova 20050757

    THE TOPIC: Digital dating services as a product of NIT influence to human relationship

  12. Our team: Yun Diana, Yeroshkina Irina
    Our topic: Usage of NIT among KIMEP students

  13. Hello Mr. Emrich,

    I would like to tell you that our group from Section 2: Elvina Bulatova, Zhanna Vdovina, Ruashan Djarylgapova and Kim Ji-Aee will not be making the project together.

    I will making a project on my own.

    And Elvina Bulatova will be making a project on her own too.

    Thanx. Bye-bye.

  14. Margarita

    Our group: Margarita Pak
    Yespolova Aktoty

  15. our group for second mini project and for mid-term group project:
    Grishina Oxana 20053255
    Omelchenko Irina 20053272
    Kim Natalya 20052058
    Temirbulatova Ainur 20052131

  16. Hi, professor I just wanna say that I will be working on my final project on my own.
    My topic is “NIT and its importance”.
    See ya!

  17. I’m doing my project on my own, I haven’t decided yet about the topic though.

    Anara Abdrakhmanova 20053344

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