Second Mini Project: Wiki

Our second mini project is to create a wiki (group-authored website) on any topic you choose. Details are as follows:

  • Form a group of no fewer than four people for your wiki. If you wish, your group may include participants from another section of the course;
  • Discuss with your group potential topics for the wiki (this can be anything you like);
  • Using Wetpaint, create a wiki and send invitations to each member of your group for that wiki;
  • Post the link to your wiki and the names of your group members as a comment on this entry;
  • Over the next two weeks, build your wiki. I will be introducing Wetpaint in class, but you should also explore and try to figure out things to add to the wiki I may not have covered in class;
  • As you build the wiki, think about the experience itself. I will be asking you to write a weblog entry about this experience after the project due date;
  • The project due date was going to be Friday 9 March, but because of confusion over holiday scheduling, it will be Wednesday 21 March

We will discuss this more in class.



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10 responses to “Second Mini Project: Wiki

  1. Ainur Temirbulatova

    Our group is Omelchenko Irina, Grishina Oxana and Ainur Temirbulatova
    the address of our wiki is:

  2. Hi!
    Our group: Yeroshkina Irina,Yun Diana, Pak Margarita, Yespolova Aktoty.
    Our wiki wetpaint:

  3. Hello, Mr. Emrick! Our group: Raushan Jarylgapova, Ainura Beisenbayeva, Elvina Bulatova and Sarbalina Elmira. Our site:

  4. Hello
    Our group: Olaw Maxim and Albu Elina. Our site:

  5. Kim Ji-Aee

    Hello, MR. Emrich,
    Our group members (Section 2) on wetpaint weblogs are: Kim Ji-Aee, Zhanna Vdovina, Itakhunova Rano, Baimuldinova Gaukhar, Shayakhmetova Aigerim.
    The link is:

  6. Hello Mr Emrich!

    Here is our group: Ryzhakova Olga, Nabokova Tatyana, Olyarchuk Margarita.

    The site is:

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  8. Hello!!!
    our group consists of
    Dina Khamitova
    Murat Tlepov
    Diana Mamedova

    our wiki is here –
    everyone is welcome to look at!!!

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