Open Source and Collaborative Production

“Open Source” and “Collaborative Production” are important concepts for understanding new information technologies and their relation to social networks. For our purposes, we can understand these as closely related terms describing social arrangements through which groups of people work together in order to create something.

The term open source is often used to refer to a method for creating and improving software, but has been applied more broadly to any kind of collaborative production process that attempts to keep restrictions on participation as limited as possible.

Today we will have a quick introduction to these concepts and we will look at one of the best-known examples of online collaborative production, Wikipedia.

For next week, please:



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4 responses to “Open Source and Collaborative Production

  1. Natali Khvan

    I am sorry, Professor!
    but I have a question: must we put any info on two new accounts we’ve already created?

  2. No need to apologize for asking a question. On Wednesday you will need to give me the web address of your group’s Wetpaint wiki and the names of the people in your group. For the Wikipedia account, we will have to see if people are able actually to create their accounts there.

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