My Community: KIMEP Times

One community I am part of is the group of people who work on KIMEP Times. My role in the community is to copy edit stories, partly because I have experience as an editor and partly because I am a native English speaker. This brings me in contact with the student editors at the paper, with reporters, and with other faculty advisors.

Probably there are many people in this community who don’t even know I’m part of the group. Certainly there are some KIMEP Times reporters who I don’t know personally. But still the paper (and the group of people working on the paper) give us some kind of connection.

I get a few things out of being part of this community. For one thing, I like to feel like I am part of the process of putting the paper together. Even though I don’t write the stories, I do help improve them (I hope), and sometimes suggest ideas for stories. Being part of this group (even if I am on the fringes of the group) makes me feel a bit better informed about what’s going on at KIMEP, and particularly about student perspectives (at least those that get into the paper). I also get to keep working on my editing skills.


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  1. Hello, Mr. Frederick Emrich.
    Do you you have another community with students of KIMEP on the outside of KIMEP TIMES? How do you have connection through papers of students who work in KIMEP TIMES for example if you do not know them ?

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