Class for 21 February: Communities and Needs

In chapter four of We Media, “Rules of Participation,” the authors suggest that people who participate in online communities (or networks) do so in order to fulfill certain needs, which may include (among others):

  • Building status or reputation
  • Creating connections with other people (“networking”)
  • Making sense or building understanding
  • Informing and being informed
  • Entertaining others and being entertained
  • Creating

For today’s class, take the first few minutes to identify one or two communities/networks you are part of. (Not necessarily online communities; any kind of community is fine.) In a weblog entry (post it right now; you can always go back and edit it later) briefly tell us about your community (or communities) and what needs that community helps you to fulfill. In other words, what do you get out of being part of that community?

Think also about things like membership, rules for participation, and so on. What does it mean to be a member of your community?

After you have had a few minutes to think (and write) your initial thoughts, we will discuss what people have come up with, then connect these ideas to We Media.


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