Group Project and Presentation Assignments

Important Due Dates:

  • 2 March, names of group members
  • 9 March, brief proposal
  • 20 April, project submission
  • 23 April to 4 May, presentations (all students must attend all presentations)

If you review your course outline distributed at the beginning of the term, you will see an item called Group Project (due 20 April) and another called Group Presentation (23 April to 4 May). I told you we would discuss those items a bit later in the term, and I want to begin that discussion with some explicit guidelines for the project:

  • The topic of your project should be an issue related to new information technologies and their use. This is very broad and we will discuss it more in class. I encourage you to think creatively about what your project might address and to consult with me about ideas you may have for the project.
  • The group project and presentation are linked assignments. Each group working on a project will, in their presentation, be telling the class about that same project.
  • Each project team should consist of no more than four students. Although this is called a group project/presentation, you may work in pairs or individually if you prefer. You must let me know who you plan to work with no later than 2 March. A brief (one page) project proposal is due no later than 9 March (just before the mid-term break).
  • Both your proposal and your project must make clear who is responsible for what section of the project. Plan to divide your work into separate parts, each created by an individual student. All group members must actively participate in the presentation.
  • You may deliver your project to me in either an old media format (for example, a standard academic paper) or a new media format (a weblog, website, or some other digital tool). I encourage everyone to consider writing their project as a news article that can be submitted for publication.
  • Because the formats for the assignment will vary, specific requirements (such as page length) may also vary. In general I will expect about four or five pages worth of written material per student per group. If you are writing a news article, this may mean submitting the article and also a separate description of the research that went into the article. Each group will work out specific details with me in advance using the proposal and my feedback.
  • Extra credit option: anyone who chooses to write an article for this assignment and whose article is accepted for publication by a reputable publication (KIMEP Times for example) before the end of spring terms classes will receive five points extra credit added to their final course grade.

We will discuss the projects and presentations at various times this term, but please begin thinking about ideas now and consult with me about your ideas or any questions you may have about the assignment(s).



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