Technical Difficulties at Bloglines

As some of you have already noticed, it seems that when one subscribes to our course weblogs using Bloglines, the links to the blogs do not show notification when new entries are posted (in other words, they don’t appear in bold and there are no numbers in parenthesis to indicate the number of new entries).

I have looked on the support forums both at WordPress and at Bloglines. It seems this is a problem that is affecting many other people (not just us) and, though it affects many weblogs, it also affects weblogs hosted elsewhere. (You can see some of the Bloglines discussion in this support forum thread, if you wish.)

Most of your other Bloglines links should be showing new entries, and it should still be possible to use Bloglines to look at other students’ weblogs. But for now we will use Bloglines primarily for tracking resources other than our course weblogs.

Sorry for the confusion, but complications like this sometimes arise when working with networked technologies. I will continue to monitor this problem and let you know if a solution is found. Please let me know if you have any other difficulties with Bloglines or other tools we are using.

-Frederick Emrich


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