Weblog Assignments: Clarification

I looked over some of the student weblogs and was impressed by many, but I do want to clarify a few points about the weblog assignments:

  • In order to count in fulfillment of the assignment, a weblog entry (including entries on any topic you wish) must be written in English and must be written in your own words (some quotation, with proper formatting, is okay, as is citing sources not written in English);
  • If you choose to do other writing in addition to the assigned entries, those may be in any language you wish, but you still must identify material you quote;
  • And of course the original, automated entry posted automatically by WordPress on your blog does not count as an entry for assignment purposes;
  • Although the assigned entries are most important in terms of grading, I will consider your extra writing as extra effort on the assignments.

If you are having any trouble with posting to your weblog (whether for technical or other reasons) be sure to speak to me right away.


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