Weblog Assignments

Your weblogs are now going to be a space where you will do regular writing for this course. The writing may be relatively informal, but you must write at least two entries per week, each perhaps a couple of paragraphs long. In general, I will assign a topic for one entry and the other entry will be your choice. (Of course you may do additional entries if you wish.)

Although I will not be formally evaluating your weblogs every week, you must still post entries every week. You cannot get credit if you post three weeks worth of entries in one week. You must write a bit each week.

Some general guidelines:

  • Your entries must be your own writing
  • If you quote someone in an entry, use quotation marks to show the quote; in the case of a long quote, you may use the blockquote function as well
  • For quotes and ideas you find online, use a hyperlink so readers can look at your material
  • You can be informal, but remember potential employers or others may look at the site, so don’t post anything you would be embarrassed about
  • Take the assignment seriously, but also enjoy it

For more details on quoting, see Making a Quote in a Weblog Entry.

Assignment for the week beginning 29 January:
For one of your entries this week, locate a blog that interests you (but one we have not discussed in class) and write about why it interests you. Also be sure you have posted a link in your blogroll both to New Information Technologies course weblog and to the list of links for your discussion section.

-Frederick Emrich


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