Class for 26 January

By now you should have set up your course weblog and posted at least one entry of your own. You should also have forwarded a link to me, and there should be a link to your site either in the list for section one or in the list for section two. Please check to be sure your link is there, that it is in the list for the proper section, and that the link actually connects to your weblog. If not, please let me know right away.

You should also know by now how post a photo, how to make a proper link in an entry, how to add a link to your blogroll, and how to add a blogroll to your sidebar (if there wasn’t one there to begin with. If you have questions about any of these tasks, please let me know right away.

In class today we will deal with any questions you have about the technical issues above and we will also discuss some questions about weblogs:

  • What is a weblog, anyway?
  • What kind of weblogs are there?
  • Why do weblogs matter for journalism, public relations, and related fields>
  • How can I find weblogs? (We will use Google’s blog search today)
  • Why are we using weblogs in this course?

Among the concepts we will address are:


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