Assignment Information, Mini Project #1

Due Monday 22 January at the beginning of class

Your first mini project assignment is as follows:

1. Set up your own personal weblog to use for the course ( I will demonstrate how to do this in class during the week of 15 to 19 January.
2. Post an introductory entry on your weblog.
3. Send an email to me (my email address is on the course outline) including the following information in the text of your email: the URL (web address) of your weblog, your name, and your course and section number.



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12 responses to “Assignment Information, Mini Project #1

  1. Ruslan

    my blog’s here

  2. Ainura

    hello,my blog’s here

  3. Ruslan

    Forgot to post the name

  4. Hello, Mr. Frederick Emrich, this is Ji-Aee. Here’s my blog.

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  6. The world is really wonderful if u know how to use it!

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  8. Thank you to all of you who have posted comments with links to your weblogs. Please do not forget also to send me an email with the required information.

    This week I will be posting links to all the course weblogs so that it will be easy for us to visit one another’s sites.

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